New Zealand Skilled Immigration

New Zealand Skilled Immigration

While New Zealanders work hard at their jobs, they also understand the importance of work-life balance. Life in New Zealand is about balancing the time you spend working hard and the time you spend enjoying the Kiwi lifestyle. So with this unique lifestyle, who can miss out on taking NZ as a serious immigration destination option?

We are here to maximize your chances and give you straightforward advice based on our comprehensive expertise, our knowledge in immigration law, and most importantly, our interest in submitting applications that will be approved.

General Requirements

  • Strong health
  • English language capabilities
  • Age limit of 55 years
  • Minimum points score required

The visa application process under Skilled Migrant Category consists of two main stages:

  1. The Expression of Interest
  2. The Residence Application

In many cases, a third stage, an assessment of the applicant’s qualifications, will be necessary.

In some cases, the migrant will have to apply for his or her professional registration with the professional board in charge.

At The Immigration Office, all our team members have a long history in succeeding applications for the NZ Skilled Migrant category. We have witnessed changes within the process, the profession’s eligibility, and requirements throughout time.

Our initial NZ Skilled Migrant Program Visa assessment is free, individually made according to your needs, and 100% confidential. Call us today or book an assessment to see if you qualify for the New Zealand Skilled Migrant category.

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