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ACE Migration Services is one of the topmost immigration consultancy in UAE, providing top-notch immigration services to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. A One-stop Solution For All Your Immigration Needs.

Utmost priority to the quality of services is provided to its clients with Ace Migration Services being registered immigration consultancy with regulated authorities, Canadian ICCRC, MARA in Australia and SRA for the UK.

Its staff’s fluency in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Tagalog, Marathi, Tamil, Malyalam and Telugu helps the consultant excel in understanding the client needs and cater to all kinds of visas across Canada, Australia and New Zealand and the UK.

With a team of enthusiasts and passionate professionals, the objective is to offer clients hassle-free and pocket-friendly services exceeding their expectations. The team is dedicated with the passion to make a difference in each application by bringing in their years of experience and professionalism while dealing with its clients.

The idea to start Ace Migration Services was seeded with intent to change the way everyone looks at consultancy services, wanting to change the perception of how people perceive immigration service industry in UAE and around the world by giving utmost priority to the quality of services that we offer. For ACE Migration Services, dealing with customers with complete transparency, clarity and problem-solving attitude are principles of the organisation.

Immigration Services

Help plan and execute immigration dreams end to end. ACE Migration Services provides a complete and precise information with transparency preparing you ahead of time for a smooth transition.

Precedence to quality and honesty of the assessment, clear and precise information at the onset thereby setting up realistic expectations for clients.

Provides comprehensive solutions to your immigration needs, immigration process can be complex and time consuming if not done right, ACE Migration Services helps you plan a road map for the entire process, provide alternatives and work with an impeccable problem-solving attitude.

In-depth counselling sessions backed by facts and figures. With a robust team of documentation, which never fails to look into the minute details of your application can be a deciding factor in the success and failure.

Its forte includes services in

Skilled migration visa: Opportunities are abundant for skilled professions in countries like Canada, Australia and NZ-based on the geographical aspect and ever-growing economies.

Business/investor visa: Be it starting or expanding your business or investment programmes, we have a solution for you. All the programmes encourage successful business people to settle and develop their business activities. The personalised detail to attention helps them with the smooth transition.

Student visa: Most countries issue student visas in order to allow foreign students to attend school, courses from their universities. Every year thousands of students apply for a student visa. The one who wants to do higher studies or wants to do a course must have a visa for the duration of the course.

Many countries give several benefits to students. They also allow you to work part-time on campus if you have applied for full-time studies. Also, you can work as an intern for up to 20 hours a week. It also allows you for a permanent resident or to find work after your graduation.

Visit visa: Helps create the case and present it on your behalf to the respective consulates. You can sit back and relax and plan your holiday to your favourite destination.

The migration industry has become very competitive, with many unlicensed and unauthorised operators entering each month. However, clients have become smarter and selective with who they work and they identify the difference between legitimate and unauthorised firms. To ACE Migration Services, service is priority. The consultant will soon be entering India and other GCC countries.

Mohit Mehra, Director, ACE Migration Services DMCC

Do you see an increasing trend in Global citizenship? Can you please elaborate?

We see an increasing trend in global citizenship year on year and this can be backed with the fact that Canada has increased its number of intakes of applicants in 2021 alone, including other countries. We see the increase in their quotas that is allotted for these programs. We receive lot of enquiries on permanent residency, student visa and work permits which are all pathways to citizenship, we also receive inquiries for business migrations and Citizenship by Investments. In fact, we have seen queries have spiked all the more during the pandemic as people are looking for social benefits, better education and a secured life.

Has Covid-19 impacted this industry in any way?

There is no negative impact to migration industry due to Covid-19, on the contrary there are more number of applicants, since redundancy has increased which led to job insecurity and people are becoming more aware of such programs and are willing to relocate. Canada is still committed to meet its allocated intakes, the applications are still being processed but there is a delay in the processing times due to backlogs and remote working. On the other hand, Australia immigration process is stagnant for offshore applicants unless they fall under healthcare professional category.

What are the benefits of a second citizenship?

Some of the benefits of second citizenship is you can enjoy most rights same as a citizen as being a PR holder — You can sponsor your spouse and children. high employment and entrepreneurship opportunities, best educational opportunities, safe and secure environment, universal health care coverage and free education for children. Enjoy visa-free access to most of the countries.

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ACE Migration Services is one of the topmost immigration consultancy in UAE, providing top-notch immigration services to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.