Immigration from UAE to Canada: All you need to know

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A lot of people want Immigration from UAE to Canada – a country that offers beautiful living conditions, lovely people, social security benefits, cultural richness and diversity, and a friendly government. To top it all, Canadian government offers many immigration programs and has very liberal immigration policies.

If you are someone who is planning or thinking about moving to Canada, you can go through our detailed answers to common questions below. The process is quite hassle-free when done right. You can also book a free assessment to study your profile and chances of immigration visa.

What are the different ways for Immigration from UAE to Canada?

There are many different pathways to move to Canada from UAE and which you choose depends on your profile and circumstances.

The main ways in which people migrate to Canada include:

  • Skilled Immigration – Federal, Provincial Nomination Program, Trade, AIPP etc.
  • Business Immigration
  • Work Permits – With/Without LMIA
  • Study Permits

How do I apply for PR in Canada?

The PR Application to Canada is a points-based system and the evaluation is of your profile based on your age, education and work experience. We at Ace Migration Services guide you through the process which ECA (Educational Credential Assessment), IELTS and Final Submission of Documents. Based on individual profile, we apply for our clients through Express Entry/PNP/AIPP/RNIP.

What are some of the benefits of moving to Canada?

The country offers excellent living conditions and several benefits:

  • Child Care Allowance
  • Unemployment Benefits
  • Citizenship in 3 Years
  • Rich Lifestyle
  • Excellent Education System
  • Free Healthcare Facilities

Do I need to take tests for Immigration from UAE to Canada? Which ones?

Yes, you have to take IELTS – International English Language Testing System (English Language Exam) or TEF – French (If Applicable) in order to apply for Permanent Residency. However, it is to be done after ECA.

What are the minimum requirements to move to Canada?

The requirements to move to Canada include

  • Age – 22-45
  • Education – Bachelor’s Degree
  • Work Experience – Min. 1 Year
  • English Proficiency

How can I get started with the process?

The easiest way to get started is to get in touch with experts who have seen thousands of similar profiles and successfully assisted them to move to Canada. We at Ace Migration Services not only fit the bill, but we also offer a completely free consultation and assessment for anyone who wants to migrate to Canada from UAE. Our comprehensive support and track record can be seen clearly from the many testimonials for our services.

Should you use an immigration service for migrating from UAE to Canada?

It is usually best to embrace the Migration procedure with the assistance of experts. There are tons of legal work, documentation, and processing to be handled. Using professional services is not expensive, and gets a lot of things done smoothly for you.


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