Canadian Student Visa from Dubai

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How to Apply for Canadian Student Visa from Dubai

A lot of students aspire for Canadian Student Visa, as Canada offers fantastic options for students to pursue specialized knowledge. It has some of the finest universities with courses on a wide range of topics including engineering, medicine, arts, psychology, pure sciences, and much more. 

A lot of students aspire to study in Canada for the incredibly learning experience as well as the career opportunities it opens up for them. In this post, we are answering all the common questions students have about how to study in Canada for students from Dubai.​

Is Canada Student visa easy to get?

Well, Yes! If you show genuine interest and intention to study in Canada, backed up with strong documentation proofs, it can be quite straightforward to get a student visa to Canada.

How can I apply for Canada Student visa?

There are specific steps to be followed for Student Visa. This includes
1) University Admissions
2) Financial Support Documents, and finally
3) Applying for Visa (Online).

Is interview required for this visa?

Usually there are no interviews, but occasionally the case officer might ask for one.

How long does it take to get a Canadian student visa 2020?

Getting the student visa is quick and easy. Usually, the online applications takes anywhere between 3 to 8 Weeks.

What documents are needed to apply for Canadian Student visa?​

You need the following documents to apply:
1) University Admission Letter
2) GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate)/Financial Support Documents
3) IELTS (Academic)

What’s the best way to get started?​

The easiest way to get started is to get in touch with experts who have seen thousands of similar profiles and successfully assisted them to move to Canada for their studies. We at Ace Migration Services not only fit the bill, but we also offer a completely free consultation and assessment for any student who wants to migrate to Canada from UAE. Our comprehensive support and track record can be seen clearly from the many testimonials for our services.

It is usually best to embrace the immigration procedure with the assistance of experts. There are tons of documentation,legal work, and processing to be handled. Using professional immigration services is not expensive, and gets a lot of things done smoothly for you.


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