How to apply for Canada PR 2020 [5 Easiest Ways]

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In this article, we are going to share different ways and the steps following which you can get a Canadian permanent residence. Read this article until the end to find out how you could get the Canada PR.

Canada ranks number one in the immigration rankings. It’s a highly desirable place to live.

With the Canada PR you get:

  1. Free health care (one of the finest in the world)
  2. Free education
  3. Social Security
  4. A right to claim citizenship within three years
    …and several other benefits

To be eligible for Canada PR you need to score 67 points out of 100.

This is how the points work. Maximum points divided according to the section:

  1. Age: 12 points (Maximum)
  2. Education: 25 points (Maximum)
  3. Work Experience: 15 points (Maximum)
  4. Language Skills: 28 points (Maximum)
  5. Adaptability: 10 points (Maximum)
  6. Arranged Employment: 10 points (Maximum)

Points will depend upon how strong is the candidate’s overall profile.

For a Canada PR visa you need to verify your all documents and the list of important documents are given below:

  1. Education Transcript
  2. Employment Experience Letters
  3. Qualifying WES Report
  4. IELTS Score Card
  5. Valid Passport
  6. Medicals & Police Clearance Certificate
  7. Proof of Identity

Note that according to the candidate’s profile, there may be requirements of additional documents.

Let’s talk about the best five different ways to get Canada PR


1. Express entry

For skilled and qualified immigrants Express entry is the best option for Canada PR visa. To enter this program the basic requirements are:

  • Age under 40 years
  • Graduate in any stream
  • 2-3 years of work experience
  • Good English language skills
  • Financial stability

Express entry manages applications for three economic immigration programs.

  • A federal skilled worker program
  • Federal skilled trades program
  • Canadian experience class

2. Family sponsorship

If your family member has already Canadian PR or citizenship then they can sponsor your Canada PR only if your relative at least 18 years old and matches the below requirements.

  • Able to support their family
  • Not be under a removal order of PR
  • Not be Bankrupt
  • Not be incarcerated or charged with a serious offence

3. Become an international student

Canada is a top destination in the world for international students because of the country’s great schools and colleges, affordable tuition and positive attitude towards newcomers.

You can apply for a Canada PR visa after completing your studies.

4. Provincial Nominee programs to get Canada PR

PNP is an easier way to get Canada PR visa. Under this process the candidate must have the required skills:

  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Economic contribution

5. Quebec skilled worker visa

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Quebec has a special agreement on immigration with the Government of Canada. You must apply in the following two stages to immigrate to Canada as a Quebec selected skilled worker.

  1. Apply to the government of Quebec for a Quebec selection certificate
    • The province of Quebec will assess you, using its own rules
    • The certificate shows that the Province of Quebec has accepted you as an immigrant.
  2. If the Province chooses you and gives you a CSQ then you must apply to immigration, refugees and Citizenship Canada for permanent residence.

Minimum requirements for Quebec skilled worker visa

  • Education: Diploma or Bachelor
  • The education area of training: Should be in C category
  • Work Experience: Minimum 6 months
  • Age: Up to 42 years.
  • Language Ability: French Minimum B2 Level

These are the best five ways to apply to Canada permanent residence. If you have any queries about Canada PR, you can write them in the comment section. You can get a free assessment done by our experts on this link.

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