Immigration To Australia From Dubai, UAE

There are many questions that come across to everyone’s mind when they think of Australia Migration such as,how to get permanent residency for Australia from Dubai or UAE? Which are the best immigration consultants in Dubai for Australia Migration? What is the eligibility to get anAustralian Permanent Residency? and so on.

If you are looking to migrate to Australia, you are in the right place. Ace migrations can help thousands of individuals with their migration needs. We are ICCRC and MARA Registered Immigration Consultants for Canada and Australia. 

We have an experienced and professional team of Australia Immigration Consultants and documentation experts to guide you for documentation required to get the Permanent Residency of Australia at the earliest. 

Ace Migration Services will help you to get the permanent residency of Australia from Dubai by guiding you on each and every step of migration. We offer free counselling session on Australia Migration and assess client’s profile to let them know about their eligibility and chances for them to get the permanent residency of Australia. 

We at Ace Migration Services work with transparency and provide genuine guidance which are in line with Government Rules and Regulations. We assist clients with the Document Formats & Samples, Education Assessment, Alternate Documents and so on… 

We provide Federal and State Nomination services through our registered lawyer in Australia.


Australia Immigration Overview

Australia is welcoming immigrants since a long time. It is World’s great Immigration Success. Nearly one in four of Australia’s Population were born overseas, and it continues to welcome migrants who will contribute to the development of the country and its economy.

Australia has a non-discriminatory immigration policy, which means that anyone can apply to migrate to Australia from any country in the world, no matter gender, ethnic origin or religion.

Australia is one of the wealthiest Asia-Pacific nations and has enjoyed more than two decades of economic expansion.


Australia Migration is a point-based system and which depends upon the following factors:

  • Age
  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • English Language Proficiency
  • Adaptability (Spouse Skill Assessment, Australian Education or Work Experience)

There are various pathways to migrate to Australia and the major streams are mentioned below:

  • Skilled Migration
  • Business Migration
  • Employer Nominated Migration and so on…

The visa categories for Australia are divided into various streams and visa subclasses. Some of the major visa categories are mentioned below:

  • 189 Subclass – Independent Skilled Visa
  • 190 Subclass – State Nomination
  • 489 Subclass – Regional Sponsorship

Certified International Lawyer

All the occupations are categorized in ANZCO Codes. ANZCO stands for Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations. ANZSCO is a skill-based classification used to classify all occupations and jobs in the Australian and New Zealand labour markets.

Every occupation is categorized in ANZCO Code and its unit groups

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