It Is How Express Entry Program Works

It Is How Express Entry Program Works

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Canada is a pro-immigration country and this is evident from its immigration rules including Express Entry that provides almost everyone an opportunity to migrate to Canada. It is an online immigration system that you can fill with Canadian immigration consultancy.

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Let’s check how is Express Entry program advantageous for immigrants

Express Entry is a points-based immigration program where professionals are given points based on their knowledge, skills, training, qualification, and experience. Professionals with higher points receive Invitation To Apply (ITA) for Permanent Residency (PR). 

Salient features of the Express Entry program

  • It provides flexibility to introduce changes to meet the labor market requirements
  • Better aligns the labor market needs with immigrants
  • Applicants are allowed to work towards improving their points whilst the pool
  • Makes the immigration system more transparent and responsible
  • Quick processing time with prioritization of applications

Programs covered under Express Entry

  • Federal Skilled Workers Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canada Experience Class
  • Select Streams Under Provincial Nominee Programs

So, you can see that people looking for work opportunities in foreign countries have more options to settle in Canada. Also, there are many Canada immigration consultants in Dubai to help. If you are a skilled worker, you have a greater chance of getting a Canadian visa than from any other country.

When was the Express Entry program started?

The Express Entry program was launched in 2015 to replace the “first-come, first-serve” immigration system with a more responsible system that can boost the economy. Also, the government introduced changes in the system to keep it suitable for the changing needs. 

  • In 2016, points given for a job offer were reduced and points for Canadian education credentials were increased
  • In 2017, additional points were offered for advanced French Language Skills. Also, the Job Bank Registration made voluntary
  • In 2020, the additional points for French Language Skills were further increased

So, you can see that the Canadian government is continuously liberalizing its immigration laws to allow more migrants to settle in Canada. Whether you want to launch a new venture in Canada, or you simply want to live as a skilled worker, you have the opportunity to become a Canadian resident in a hassle-free manner.

Explore your opportunities to migrate to Canada with the help of Canadian immigration consultancy services and get ready to start a new life in the country of your choice. An immigration consultant can help find the right opportunity and take advantage of it.

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