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Canada is one of the world’s favorite immigration destinations. Every year new immigrants arrive in Canada to take advantage of the country’s strong economy and world-class lifestyle. The Canadian government has predicted half of all working people in Canada will have been born in other countries by 2031. Canadian government offers several benefits to immigrant people.

Migrating to Canada is a big choice that we make. After that applying for a visa is the first thing that we have to complete. The Canadian government has launched the immigration process for different categories. People usually get confused about how to get PR in Canada. But the Canadian government has made it simple by launching different immigration programs.

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The basic requirements for Canada PR Visa are

  • You must have age below 47.
  • You must have character requirements.
  • Good standard of English
  • Sufficient Funds

Express Entry Program

The Canadian government has launched the Express Entry Program for immigrant people. This program has launched specially for skilled professionals. It is an online system where Canadian manages application for PR of Canada. This is one of the easy ways to get PR Visa for Canada.

  • You have to check whether you fit into the criteria.
  • Collect all the documents such as language test results, all qualification documents.
  • Create Express Entry profile with your Expression of Interest
  • If eligible you will be added into Expression Entry Pool.
  • Your profile is ranked and you will get an invitation to apply Visa if you get good points.

Federal Express Entry

It is an online point-based system that is specially designed for skilled professionals. You must have professional experience of a particular field. The federal skilled worker must have professional experience and skills. You can apply for a visa under federal skilled and skilled trades. Under Federal skilled trades, one must have work experience of semiskilled work. This is designed especially for the people who have ability and skills. Your points are counted according to your Education (degrees and documents), Experience of more than two years, Age, English, and French skills.

Canadian Experience

Those who have experience of working in Canada can apply for visa under this category. All the procedure for it is same as above. The Canadian government has launched a special program Express Entry Point System for skilled professionals and workers. The highest point holder gets the first chance to apply for a visa. You must create Express Entry profile on the basis of your skills and experience. Your profile is added in the pool and it is ranked according to your skills. Then you are invited to apply for a PR visa for Canada.

PNP Program Ontario

Ontario is the most popular city in Canada where people wish to migrate. Ontario is the economic, social and cultural heartland of Canada. Provincial Nominee Program for Ontario is designed for qualified non-Canadian nationals and accompanying family members to the province.

There are six categories like General, International Students, Corporate, Entrepreneur, Human Capital Priorities and French-Speaking Skilled Worker. There are different requirements for each. Basic are you must have two years Professional Experience of Skills, English Skills, For student Ph.D. graduate stream-, pilot international masters and graduation with job offer, for Corporate you must invest $5 million in existing or new business, skilled workers speaking French can apply under French-speaking skilled worker.

The PNP program Ontario helps in economic growth. The PNP program is designed to support government priorities in focusing on the healthcare and education sectors. This PNP program is employee driven

Canada Express Entry Point System

It is a unique point-based system designed by the Canadian government for skilled professionals. Here your profile is ranked according to your skills.

Express Entry Point System

  • Create your Expression of Interest (EOI) profile with your interest and skills.
  • Applicant must fill and submit the form
  • Submit all the documents of education and test scores
  • Your profile will be evaluated on the basis of your skills and points.
  • Highest point holders will get the chance to apply for a visa.

Canada Express Entry Point System is a designed point system for skilled professionals. People seeking the chance to work and settle in Canada can apply for a visa under this category. Express Entry Point System is also called as an Express Entry Program or Express Entry System. Canada offers several benefits once they are migrated.

How can I get PR in Canada

Canada is the fastest growing country with its economic growth and cultural diversity. It is a home of opportunities and top universities. Many people think how can I get PR in Canada? The Canadian government has launched many programs for immigrant people.

Express Entry program is one of those programs designed for skilled professionals. Here you have to create an Expression of Interest profile with your skills and interest. Then you have to submit all the documents and test scores results which you have to give before applying for a visa. Your Express Entry profile is added in the pool. If you score 67 points or more you will get an invitation to apply for a PR visa.

How to get PR in Canada?

Canada is a popular destination when it comes to migration. Thousands of people are invited by the Canadian government. The migration process for Canada is very easy to understand. The Canada PR migration process requires determining your eligibility, meeting requirements, and completing the PR application. In January 2015, the Canadian government introduced the Express Entry System for skilled professionals. Canada Express Entry System is a great opportunity for those who wish to work and settle in Canada. Here your profile ranked on your skills and interests.

In the Express Entry System, you have to create Express Entry Profile and submit the form with all qualification documents. Your profile is added into the pool of eligible candidates. If you get a high score in it you will get an invitation by the Canadian government to apply for a visa

PNP Program

PNP program allows Canadian provinces to nominate individuals for migration to their province under the Canadian provincial government. Currently, there are eleven territories that are allowing this program for immigration. This is a speedy process. Applicant must have skills like proper education, professional work experience and language test result for semi or low skilled trades or professions. Ontario allows for immigration via the PNP program.PNP program Ontario is a very simple and speedy process. First, you have to check to determine eligibility. You can start the application and check for PNP process time. Submit all the related documents. Then you are eligible to enter Canada through the PNP program.

PNP and Express Entry

PNP Express Entry is aligned with the federal express entry program. Here Canadian provinces are allowed to select the candidate from express entry pool. Here you must have to eligible for express entry profile. Then if you wish to apply for the province then you must show interest to the provincial government. If province or territory sends back a notification of interest. You can apply to the express entry system. Then if you are nominated Canadian province offers you to your account and you have to accept it electronically.

How to count points for Canada Pr

Canada is one of the popular destinations counted among immigration countries. There many easy ways to apply for a PR visa. Express Entry programs, PNP program, PNP express entry, PNP program for Ontario are the different ways to apply for the PR Visa of Canada. Here your points are counted on the basis of your skills and experience.

How to count points for Canada PR-is given as

  • Age should be in 18-35- max.12 points
  • Language proficiency-28 points(English and second official language)
  • Education-25 points for the highest qualification.
  • Work experience of more than 6 years- 15 points
  • Arranged employment (Offer letter from Canadian Company)-10 points
  • Adaptability-10 points
  • You must have 67 points out of 100 to get an entry in Express Entry pool.

Procedure to get pr in Canada

The easy way to get PR in Canada is to apply for a visa through Ace Migration Services. Ace Migration Services is an immigration consultant based in UAE. Ace Migration Services provides visas for skilled professionals, students, businessmen through Express Entry System Canada, PNP program, PNP program Ontario, PNP Express Entry.

You have to submit all your documents for visa procedures. Ace Migration Services focuses on quality and service in time. An exact and clear service is provided. Our expert team delivers a result within 6-8 months.

Canada PR agency

Moving to Canada is one of the best decisions we make. The second important thing that we have to do is to look for an appropriate Canada PR agency. An ace migration service is immigration consultancy services based in Dubai. Provide visas for skilled professionals, students, businessmen. Ace Migration services are express entry consultant helps you to complete Express Entry Program for PR of Canada. Ace Migration Services focus on quality service and fulfills your requirement.

Our Canada immigration consultant in Dubai will help you to understand all the related procedures for Canada Express Entry or PNP program Canada. We will help you to understand the requirements so that you can plan to migrate to Canada from the UAE. Canada Express entry official site is to apply for a visa online. But Canadian consultancy services, Canada recruitment agencies like Ace Migration Services will help you to complete the whole procedure for PR of Canada. Once you are done with the visa you can get a job offer from a company that you apply in Canada

Canada express entry online

Express Entry program for Canada is specially designed for skilled professionals and those who have experience of semi-skilled trades. Canada is one of the favorite destinations for migration. In Express entry online form submission is done. Here your profile is checked on the basis of your skills.

Procedures for Canada express entry online

  • You have to fill and submit the form
  • Create an express entry profile with your skills and interest
  • Submit all the documents
  • If eligible your profile is added in express entry pool
  • You will get a chance to apply for a visa if you have the highest score

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