Skilled Migration To Canada From Dubai

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Due to the increasing employment opportunities and Canada’s growing economy, many people have shown interest in skilled migration from Dubai to Canada.

How to Start the Immigration process

For starters, certain eligibility criteria have to be met for you to be able to qualify for occupation, and following that, you will also have to qualify to enter the Canadian Express Entry pool of Canadians. Various factors like your occupation depend on how much time it will take in completing the application process for Immigration to Canada. If you have a Canadian employers support, then it is very likely that your application for a work visa will be effortless.

List of Categories of Canada Immigration from Dubai

People looking to emigrate from Dubai to Canada have a wide range of categories to choose from according to their requirements. Some of the categories are as follows:

  • Federal Skilled Worker
  • Business Immigrant
  • Quebec Skilled worker
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Canadian Express class
  • Good quality lifestyle and a friendly environment.
  • Economic stability and strength

Advantages of Immigration to Canada from Dubai

There are various advantages for Dubai residents in having a skilled migration to Canada. Firstly, Dubai allows its citizens to have a Dual Citizenship which means that you can get a Canadian Permanent residency Visa and work and live there without any inconvenience. Some other benefits of Immigrating from Dubai to Canada are:

  • More employment opportunities
  • High standards of living
  • Healthcare benefits
  • Better education opportunities for your children
  • Secure and safer environment for you and your family


Canada is known for being one of the most welcoming and peaceful countries worldwide. Thus, Countless work opportunities are waiting for you if you are hoping to have a skilled migration from Dubai to Canada.

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