ACE Migration Services

Payment Confirmation

After the successful payment, client will receive an email confirmation and payment invoice within 24 Hours. In case no confirmation is received. Please reach out to us at

Cancellation & Refund Policy

The customer agrees that they will not be liable to claim a refund in case of he/she wish to end the agreement with Ace Migration Services before or after the submission of any documents to any relevant authorities.

The customer confirms that before making any purchase that he/she read and understands all our terms and conditions.

The client may cancel/withhold the application at various stages of the process without claiming any refund from the company even if it is the very next day after signing the contract. The COMPANY will not refund the amount once the agreement is signed as all the information and process details was explained in good faith and have given accurate details as per the existing rules and regulations of the respective country to file their application.

There won’t be any refund even in the event of Client being informed by the respective Immigration Office that he/she does not qualify for required program applied with Ace Migration Services DMCC other than and the one’s explained here: Medical, Security, Misrepresentation, Insufficient information, Insufficient funds, point lost on language or Misleading information, Point lost on education because of non-accredited, unrecognized or false credential, Points lost on work experience where in the case officer was not satisfied with the evidence furnished by the applicant, non-submission of complete/required documents from client’s side within stipulated time changes introduced by the relevant Government office which may retroactively affect the client’s case, non-cooperation from client’s or client’s dependents side and any other violation of contractual clause.

If a refund is issued, it is only made on special consideration which is against Ace Migration Services DMCC terms & conditions, however the refund application will be processed in 21 working days at the sole discretion of Ace Migration Services legal team.

Refunds will be done only through the Original Mode of Payment.