Which is better for migration- Australia or Canada?

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A‌ lot of people have this question when they think of migrating that ‘which country is better to immigrate Australia or Canada?’. Of course, this is a difficult and multi-faceted question. The only way to answer this is also, naturally, multi-faceted.

Let’s look at this question from various perspectives: ‌

Is it easier to get PR in Canada or Australia?

In general, it could be said that migrating to Canada is slightly easier than Australia, although there are many caveats to this. ‌Unlike Australia, Canada has more categories (occupations) available for migration. Also, the points system for Canada PR is supportive for individuals having young age and work experience as low as 3 years.

Canada: ‌1 Australia: ‌0

For study which country is better to immigrate – Australia or Canada?

While both countries have fantastic universities, schools and overall education infrastructure. There are also excellent job opportunities that both these places offer. Education standards are almost similar and hence both the countries provide the same quality education in all fields.

However, Canada again has a slight edge over Australia because of its much more affordable educational institutions. The fees charged by major of the institutions in Australia is slightly high as compared to Canada. Also, the living expense for an individual is slightly high in Australia as compared to Canada. However, living expense also depends on the cities that an individual resides.

Canada: ‌2 Australia:0

Which country is better to live in- Australia or Canada?

This again comes down to personal taste. Both countries have excellent culture, friendly population, world-class infrastructure and beautiful scenery.

However, our vote for this one goes to Australia, for the following reasons:

  • While most of Canada experiences freezing winters, the temperatures in Australia are mild and forgiving throughout the year.
  • Australia’s sporting culture is unmatched in the world, and the laidback, happy culture is a dream for many.
  • The natural beauty, beaches, mountains, wildlife and overall variety of leisure activities that Australia provides is hard to beat.

    Canada:2 Australia:1

Where is it easier to get a job?

Both countries have excellent job opportunities and working culture. One advantage you get with Australian PR is that you can also work in New Zealand. The pay in Australia is slightly higher than in Canada. But, when it comes to job searching, none of the country is that easy. Depending upon categories, jobs are available in both the countries. However, the job would be relevantly easy to find in Canada due to more occupations in demand for the skilled workers.

Canada:2 Australia:2

Is Australia more expensive than Canada?

Yes, Australia is considered somewhat more expensive as compared to Canada. Of course, this varies from city to city. A detailed analysis by mylifeelsewhere.com suggests that Australia is about 9% more expensive, on average, to Canada.

Canada:3 Australia:2


It’s hard to say which is better. It depends on personal taste, profile, and preference. Both countries offer a fantastic lifestyle, have great infrastructure, and strong economies. If you would like our help in assessing your profile for such decisions, feel free to reach out for our FREE Assessment

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